Happy New Year, Curious Cooks!


word cloud for year 20152015 IS HERE and YOU get to DECIDE if this will be the BEST YEAR yet…. Have you made your resolutions??   If you’re anything like us, you’ve vowed to be healthier & happier this year.  While resolutions are fun to make, they can be difficult to maintain. As we all know, when February and March roll around, the promises we made to ourselves seem less and less important.  There’s got to be a trick to sticking to these resolutions!   Here at The Curious Kitchen, we believe we can help.  For those of you who didn’t know, we focus on healthy, local & organic produce, dairy products & meats…always without GMO’s. So, whether you come by our kitchen for a healthy lunch….or sign up for our Beginner’s Course, which will equip you with the knowledge to prepare delicious & healthy dishes in your own home…surrounding yourself with those on the same mission as you, a mission towards a happy & healthier life, will help you to reach your goals. Eat Well ~ Live Happy.

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